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Tamil Nadu AMHUB
In partnership with World Economic Forum, the Tamil Nadu AMHUB focuses on encouraging development of new technologies, innovation in fourth industrial revolution and Industry 4.0. initiatives
Plan of Action
Guidance will work to promote Industry 4.0 technologies, organize learning journeys and factory visits (real and virtual), launch alliances/partnerships on new technologies in manufacturing, showcase Industry 4.0 case studies addressing regional opportunities and challenges brought by digital transformation, and initiate pilot projects.
Using the Global AMHUB Network, Guidance will
  • Support the development and/or scaling of local efforts aimed at preparing industry for the future of manufacturing and production
  • Highlight and amplify regional success stories at the global level through the World Economic Forum Platform for Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production
  • Disseminate and distil global lessons learned from the Forum's initiatives - including other AMHUBs - to regional hubs so they can learn from a global pool of experience and identify tangible action areas
  • Connect AMHUBs directly with one another to incubate new cross-AMHUB partnerships and engagement opportunities.
World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. Established in 1971, the Forum is a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.
World Economic Forum's Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) is a platform to aggregate and accelerate regional efforts to adapt to the future of advanced manufacturing and production. AMHUB highlights regional case examples on the global stage, while creating a feedback loop wherein best practices from around the world are conveyed to the regional level to further amplify the impact potential of this network.
What is SIRI?
The Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) is a tool to help manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys. SIRI covers the three core elements of Industry 4.0: Process, Technology, and Organization.
Why companies should take it?
Companies are always evaluating their current state of manufacturing facilities, before they can identify areas of improvement. SIRI in this regard help companies can take a comprehensive evaluation of their facilities.
The assessment matrix of SIRI is spread across 16 key dimensions to identify high-impact dimensions for further action.
Interested in Undertaking the Assessment?
If you are interested in getting your facility assessed, reach out to Gaurav Daga at gaurav@investtn.in
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Become a SIRI Assessor
If you are an industry practitioner keen to take a proactive, advisory role in catalyzing manufacturing transformation, we welcome you to become a Certified Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Assessor.
To become an assessor, individuals must meet the eligibility criteria, enroll for the SIRI Assessor Training Course, and pass the examination.
Guidance sponsored Training Program
Guidance in this regard will fully sponsor the training program worth $3500.
The curriculum will cover content on manufacturing, Industry 4.0, SIRI’s frameworks and tools, business consulting and the methodology for conducting an Official SIRI Assessment over 40 hours of classroom training.
Information for becoming a Certified SIRI Assessor Programme, such as the application process, prerequisites, and syllabus, can be found in the infographic and downloadable factsheet below.
Criteria to become an Assessor
Role and Responsibilities of the Assessor
  • Assist Guidance in understanding the maturity levels of sectors in Tamil Nadu
  • Assist companies nominated by Guidance for conducting the SIRI assessment
  • Help manufacturers and stakeholders at large create awareness about Industry 4.0
  • Work together with Guidance to create an Industry 4.0 strategy for Tamil Nadu
Interested in becoming a Certified Assessor?
If you are interested in becoming a certified assessor, please share a cover-letter and your resume with Guidance HR team at hr@investtn.in with cc to Gaurav Daga at gaurav@investtn.in express your interest.
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Undertake the Industry 4.0 Readiness Survey and Gain Insights
Is your company Industry 4.0 (I 4.0) ready? Manufacturers across various sectors are facing digital transformation challenges and are keen to learn new ways to adapt to I 4.0 technologies.
Guidance Tamil Nadu in collaboration with Infosys Knowledge Institute, IIT Madras and University of Nottingham is conducting an Industry 4.0 Readiness Survey targeted toward the SMEs and large industries in the State.
This survey is based on the industry 4.0 Maturity Index developed by Infosys in collaboration with the National Academy of Science and Engineering in Germany.
Industry 4.0 Maturity Index
A multi-dimensional framework towards a holistic assessment of your organisation
Source: Infosys Knowledge Institute
Undertake this survey to benchmark your company based on a globally accepted index and take the next steps towards industrial digitalisation. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
If you participate in the survey, you will receive a copy of the overall survey results and gain invaluable insights into the industry status quo of Tamil Nadu. Participate via the link below by the 15th of August 2022.
For any questions or queries, please reach out to Gaurav Daga at gaurav@investtn.in
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Reach our Tamil Nadu AMHUB Expert
Gaurav Daga