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Do's and Don'ts
Town and Country Planning (DTCP)
  • Maximum height of building should not exceed 15 mtrs or Ground + 3 floors. If it is more than 15m height or Ground + 3 floors, applicant should obtain MSB declaration from the DTCP with local body council resolution.
  • Minimum 1/5th of floor area ventilation is required. (only ventilation for windows and ventilators (doors not included).
  • Minimum required drive way within the site is 7.2 m.
  • If it is more than ground floor minimum required travel distance is 22.5m.
  • Rain water harvesting arrangement should be provided.
  • Solar water heating system to be provided.
  • If the height of the building exceeds 15 metres, you must submit 4 sets of drawings along with the Architects Certificate to the Local Panchayat for their resolution for declaration as Multistoreyed Building (MSB). A copy of the resolution of the local body needs to be submitted to us.
  • A Certificate from the Architects clearly mentioning the Built up area should also be provided.
Inspector of Factories
  • Matters related to safety, health and welfare amenities are to be dealt with elaborately.
  • Details of dangerous operations / processes if any is to be mentioned.
  • Type of hazards if any (fire / explosion) should be mentioned and explained, with respect to even storage of oil / HSD / LSD, etc. if any.
Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board
  • STP Proposal – design details and drawings to be provided.
  • Source of solid waste generation, method of handling, treatment and disposal.
  • Sources of direct emission, control measures – details.
  • Water balance & bacterial balance.
  • Detailed manufacturing process for each product.
  • Capacity of DG Set, acoustic measures - details.
Check List
  • Certificate from Architects showing the built up area – 5 originals (along with Seizmic Certificate and Stability Certificate).
  • Fire Services Drawings – 6 sets.
  • Electrical Drawings (Sectional and schematic drawings) – 6 sets.
  • Form I & II (in original) - 4 copies.
  • Drawings to be signed by the architects and occupier – 12 sets.
  • Application to be signed and sealed – 12 sets.

PowerPoint Presentation: 20 – 25 slides to be made by applicant company

Duration for the presentation : 20 Minutes
  • About the Company
  • About the proposed project
    • Investment
    • Employment
    • Products, etc.
  • Land
    • Location
    • Area
    • Present classification of land use as per master plan.
  • Building
    • Constructed area.
    • Floor Space Index – FSI.
    • Front, setback.
    • Floor coverage ratio.
    • Building height.
    • Parking space.
    • Location of utilities, DG sets, etc.
  • Fire protection
    • Arrangements made to comply with the regulations of Fire Service Manual and National Buildings Code.
    • Provision of fire alarm systems, sprinklers, sumps, etc.
    • Detailed write up about fire mitigation plan.
  • Labour
    • Number of workers employed.
    • Any hazardous materials used / stored / handled by workers.
    • Details of labour welfare amenities.
    • Heavy materials handling including cranes, etc.
    • Compliance relating to provisions of Factories Act.
  • Power
    • Power requirements during construction phase / commercial production.
    • Capacity of DG sets.
    • Timing of power requirements.
    • Voltage lines required – 11 / 33 / 110 KV.
  • Water supply
    • Water supply required during construction and commercial production phase.
  • Pollution
    • Manufacturing technology – process flow chart.
    • Raw materials used.
    • Types of waste (solid / liquid) produced by project.
    • Chemical characteristics.
    • Methods of treating the waste and safe disposal.
    • EIA study report (If required).
    • Green management plan for the open area.
    • E Waste management plan (if project produces E-Waste).
    • Acoustic measures provided for the DG sets.
    • Measures for controlling Air emissions.
    • Input / output water balancing plan (if project is highly water intensive).
    • Sewage Treatment (STP) and details of STP.
    • Measures for waste water recycling & zero discharge.
  • Electrical
    • Details of electrical contractor.
    • Sectional and schematic electrical drawings.
  • Boilers
    • Details of boilers.
    • Drawings.
    • Supply details as required under Boilers Act / Rules.

Certificate by the Architect
  • This is to certify that we have inspected the site of (Name of Company) at (Address and Survey Numbers of the Plot)and found that the road abutting the site the road width actually measures (___Mts ) as per survey plan.
  • We also certify that we have personally verified the site measurements furnished in the actual survey plan on the ground and dimensions given in the plan correspond with the actual on ground.
  • The master plan / building plan prepared and submitted herewith, satisfy the relevant provisions of development control rules viz. planning parameters compliance statement.
  • The Total Site area:- (______acres) (___sq.mts) and the Total Built up area of the proposed building will be (____ Sqmts).
Total plot area
Total built up area  
Floor Space Index (FSI)  
Plot Coverage Ratio  
Front Setback side M
Rear Setback side M
Side Setback side M
Side Setback side M
Eaves Height M
Ridge Height side M
Parking Space Sq.M
Location of Utilities, DG sets etc As indicated in the drawing
For office and other ancillaries Sq.M
Open Space Sq.M
For Expansion Needs Sq.M
Green Belt Area Sq.M
  • We undertake to inform the Director of Town and Country Planning before the commencement of crucial stage of construction viz.
    • Earth Work for foundation.
    • Foundation concreting.
    • Laying the roof of each floor level.
    • After completing the finishing work (white washing, colouring, fixing water supply, drainage or other sanitary fitments) and before obtaining regular connection for water supply / electricity.
  • We also undertake to communicate to the Director of Town and Country Planning to the effect that the construction is in conformity with the plan approved by the Director of Town and Country Planning, at the crucial stages mentioned above.
  • If any deviation to the approved plan is proposed to be made, we shall advise the client to obtain prior approval of the Director of Town and Country Planning.
  • We shall intimate Director of Town and Country Planning immediately if for any reasons our association with the project ceases.
  • We also ensure that the site drawing is provided with necessary rain water harvesting system.
  • We are also providing a dedicated fire fighting sump (capacity ------------ ) with providing for ---------- hours fire fighting.
Annexure list to Single Window application
  • Single window form – common application form with enclosures attached including power point materials. This includes do’s and don’t’s, requirements of various statutory agencies, check list, etc.
    The annexure to this application form shall include:-
    • Manufacturing process & flow chart.
    • Copy of lease deed.
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    • Copy of certificate of Incorporation – Companies Act.
    • List of Board of Directors.
    • List of machinery with Horse Power details.
  • Certificate from Architects. There is a prescribed form which is also part of the common application form I have attached herewith.
  • Certificate from Electrical Contractor. This must include HT & LT questionnaire, copy of licence, copy of the agreement between the company and contractor, Xerox copy of the challan (for payment towards scrutiny fee).
  • Write up on Air Conditioning.
  • Fire protection and mitigation plans – A write up.
  • Labour Welfare and Safety Measures – A detailed write up.
  • Pollution Control Measures.
  • Project write up.
  • Excerpts of Board Resolution for authorized signatory.
  • Proposal for Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Form I & II (3 copies to be submitted separately).
  • 12 sets of Civil Drawings.
  • 6 sets of Fire Drawings.
  • 6 sets of Electrical Drawings. These electrical drawings should be signed by the Occupier as well as the Electrical Contractor.
  • Seizmic and stability certificate from Architects.
  • Checklist from DTCP.
  • FIPB Approval.
  • Energy Conservation measures.
  • DG Sets Acoustic measures & Diesel storage – a write up.
  • A legal undertaking (Rs.20/- stamp paper) that your building height will not exceed 15.0 Metres height.
  • A legal undertaking (Rs.20/- stamp paper) that you will undertake to pay the I & A charges.

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