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Tuticorin Port Profile

History of Tuticorin Port:
Tuticorin has been a center for maritime trade and pearl fishery for more than a century. The natural harbour with a rich hinterland, activated the development of the Port, initially with wooden piers and iron screw pile pier and connections to the railways. Tuticorin was declared as a minor anchorage port in 1868. Since then there have been various developments over the years.

Tuticorin became the citadel of the freedom struggle in the early 20th century. In 1906, one of the greatest freedom fighters of India, Mr. V.O. Chidambaram Pillai, launched the first Swadeshi "S.S. Gaelia" in British India.DD

After Independence, the minor Port of Tuticorin witnessed a flourishing trade and handled a variety of cargo meant for the neighbouring countries of Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. and the coastal regions of India.

To cope with the increasing trade through Tuticorin, the Government of India sanctioned the construction of an all-weather Port at Tuticorin. On July 11,1974, the newly constructed Tuticorin Port was declared as the 10th major port 1st April 1979, the erstwhile Tuticorin minor Port and the newly constructed Tuticorin major Port were merged and the Tuticorin Port Trust was constituted under the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963.

  • Strategically located very close to the East- West International sea-route.
  • Well connected by broad gauge rail & road with all Major cities and all ICDs.
  • Commissioning of Berth No. 7 by the Port of Singapore Authority as a Container Terminal with modern equipment and State of Art Technology by the end of 1999.
  • 35 feet draught.
  • Round the clock operations.
  • Night Navigations.
  • Adequate covered and vast open storage area.
  • Open lands in the Port area suited for locating Port based industries.

Berthing Facilities

Berth Type Max.permissible Draft / Mt Quay length (mtr.) Maximum size of vessel that can be accommodated
Length(Mtr.) DWT
V.O.C.Berth No.I Alongside 9.30 168 183* 25,000
V.O.C.Berth No.II Alongside 9.30 168 183* 40,000
V.O.C.Berth No.III Alongside 10.70 192 245* 50,000
V.O.C.Berth No.IV Alongside 10.80** 192 245* 50,000
Berth No.V (A.B.1) Alongside 8.60 168 183* 40,000
Berth No.VI (A.B.2) Alongside 9.30 168 245* 40,000
Berth No.VII
(PSA- SICAL Container Terminal)
Alongside 10.90 370 245 50,000
Berth No.VIII Alongside 10.90 345 245* 65,000
Shallow water berth 1 Alongside 5.85 140 120 5000
Shallow water berth 2 Alongside 5.85 110 75 5000
Oil jetty Jetty 10.70 (A) 229 65,000
Coal jetty Jetty 10.90 (B) 225 50,000
Coal jetty -II Jetty 10.90 (C) 225 50,000
Zone - BCan handle lighterage Vessel.
(1) * Subject to availability of space. There should be at least 15 m clearance from forward and after end of the vessel for berthing and unberthing.
(2) ** Vessels drawing in excess of 10.70 shall be berthed at during high water only
(3) (A) Length of service Platform 82 m
Distance between mooring dolphins at extreme ends 340 m
(4) (B) Length of main jetty 185m
Distance between dolphins at extreme ends 300 m
(5) (C) Length of main jetty 200 m
Distance between dolphins at extreme ends 300 m
(X) Tankers of less than 150 M will not be berthed at Oil Jetty.
(Y) Subject to availability of space. There should be atleast 30 M available forward and aft.
(Z) Berthing when add 2 is empty. Sailing out, 40M clearance between Add 1 & 2.

Cargo Handling Equipments

Description Owned by port
  Number Rated Capacity (Tonnes)
Electric Wharf Cranes 2 Nos 6T@23.0m
  3 Nos 20T Grab, 32 m Radius
Diesel Fork Lift Trucks I No 3T
Electric Fork Lift Trucks - -
Tractors - -
Transfer Cranes - -
Container Quay Cranes - -
Top Lift Trucks 3 Nos 40T / 35 CH
Gantry Cranes - -
Yard Gantry Cranes - -
Rail mounted Gantry Cranes - -
Rubber tyred Gantry Cranes - -
Trailors - -
a. Loco 1 No 1500T
Floating Crane 1 No. 6 T @ 19.31 m. Radius & 32.6 T @ 4.57 M. Radius. Bucket Capacity 2 Cu. m

Open Area for Cargo Stacking Facilities:
Open space for stacking bulk cargo and containers is available inside the security wall to the extent of 5,53,000 sq. m. The open areas can accommodate around 30,000 tonnes of bulk cargo either for import or export and 2500 containers. In addition to containers, the open area inside the wharf are used for temporary stacking of bulk cargo such as coal and sulphur.

Tuticorin Port is having a vast open land of about 2,158 acres outside the main gate. Cargo godowns with a capacity of stacking 36,000 tonnes have been put up in this area by Tamil Nadu Warehousing Corporation. The Port has also permitted a number of other agencies to put up godowns and warehouses in order to augment the import and export trade through the Port. Open lands are also used for stacking of timber imported through the port as well as granite for export.

For additional Information:

Principal Officers of the Port & their contacts

Designation Department Phone No E-Mail Address
Office Residence
Chairman   2352500 2321490 chairman@tuticorinport.gov.in
Deputy Chairman   2352580 2352398 dychairman@tuticorinport.gov.in
Secretary Administration 2352232 2352223 loganathan.v@tuticorinport.gov.in
Chief Mechanical Engineer Mechanical 2352270 2352312 satishhonnakkatte@tuticorinport.gov.in
Chief Engineer Civil 2352252 2352218 sankararao.n@tuticorinport.gov.in
Traffic Manager Traffic 2352221 2352212 tm@tuticorinport.gov.in
Deputy Conservator Marine 2352313 2352287 mani.j@tuticorinport.gov.in
FA & CAO Finance 2352254 2352384 fa@tuticorinport.gov.in
Chief Medical Officer Medical 2352454 2352216 sarkar.j@tuticorinport.gov.in
Deputy Commandant CISF 2352350 2352204 ttn_tptcisf@sancharnet.in
Deputy Secretary Administration 2354071 2354072  
S.E. (Mechanical) Mechanical 2352013 2352214  
S.E. (Civil) Civil 2352253 2352626  
Deputy Traffic Manager Traffic 2352451 2352624  
Deputy Traffic Manager CHLP 2352539 Ex2430  
  Berthing Cell Ex2412    
  Central Documentation Center Ex2422    
  Shipping Control 2352403    
Harbour Master Marine 2352423 2353067  
  Signal Station 2352592    
Deputy FA & CAO Finance 2352594 2390741  
Deputy Director (EDP) E.D.P. 2352091    
RSMO Medical Ex2702 2352006  
P.R.O Traffic 2352360   sheik.aa@tuticorinport.gov.in
Director Dock Safety 2352372 2352272  
Guest House     2352190  

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