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Communications infrastructure
The state offers state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure for high-speed large volume data transfer, video conferencing etc.The infrastructure includes 2,138 telephone exchanges with an installed capacity of 4.6 million lines.

  • The world’s biggest and India’s first private submarine Optical Fibre Cable project i2i network with a bandwidth of 8.4 tbps will make Chennai the ‘Connectivity Gateway of India’.
  • A US$ 100 million project connecting Chennai and Singapore by submarine cable will increase the bandwidth by 320 giga bits per second.
  • Among the top three states in the country in terms of the total number of mobile phone connections at 1.06 million in 2003, which is 8.4 per cent of the total connections in the country.
  • The state’s tele-density is 8 against the national average of 5.1.
  • With 0.33 million subscribers, the state stands third in terms of total number of internet connections.
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