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Villupuram is a municipality in Villupuram District, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It serves as the headquarters of Villupuram District, the second largest district in the State. National Highway No. 45, from Chennai to Dindigul via Tiruchirapalli, goes through the town. Villupuram also has a major train station. The town's main source of income is agriculture. Its literacy rate was low until the early 1980s, but has since improved constantly and is currently about 75%.
Villupuram District lies in the northeast of Tamil Nadu, between Chennai and Tiruchirapalli. It is 162 km south of Chennai and 157 km north of Tiruchirapalli. It was carved out of the combined South Arcot District (comprising the present Cuddalore and Villupuram districts) in September 1993 and renamed as Villupuram Ramasamy Padayatchiyar District( named after a Member of Parliament from this town[citation needed]). The remaining part of the South Arcot district became Cuddalore District, which borders it to the east and south. It is bordered to the west by Salem and Dharmapuri districts and to the north by Thiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram Districts.

The greater part of the district contains metamorphic rocks belonging to the Genesis family. There are also three major groups of sedimentary rocks belonging to different geological periods. The Kalvarayan Hills in the north, nearly 40 kilometres from Kallakurichi, represent a continuous range of hills covered with some thorny forests and vegetation. The Gingee Hills offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the district.

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