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Namakkal is a city and a municipality in Namakkal district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the headquarters of Namakkal district. It is the first ISO 14001-2004 certified municipality in Asia for environmental management, specifically the provision and maintenance of water supply, solid waste and sewage management, town planning, lighting and other social services.

It is a part of Kongu Nadu region of Tamil Nadu ruled by the ancient Western Ganga Dynasty. Namakkal is a historic town with reference back to at least the 9th century. The name Namakkal derives from Namagiri, which is the name of the single rock formation at the center of the town. The rock is enormous - 65 meters high and more than a kilometer in circumference. Over this massive rock, is a fort. It is called Tippu Sultan's fort. The Hindu sculptures in front of the gate and the Hindu temple inside, leads to the main controversy whether it was actually built by Tippu Sultan. Gandhiji held a public meeting in 1933 in Namakkal under the slope of the Namakkal rock. It also falls in the region of Kongu Nadu.

Namakkal was ruled mainly by the Cheras. The Cholas and the Pandyas also ruled this region for some time. It has also been under the control of self or autonomous rulers for at least a century. It is one of the few places in ancient Tamil Nadu, that has not been seriously affected by famine and war.

Kolli Hills was ruled by a king called Valvil Ori, one of the seven kings of the Sangam age. A statue for him is located at Semmedu at a distance of 65 kilometers from Namakkal, in the Kolli Hills.

Lord Murugan is supposed to have visited Kolli Hills and evidence is found at Belukkurchi, 24 kilometers from Namakkal, on the way to Muthugapatty.

At Mohanur, on the bank of Cauvery river, one old and famous Sivan temple- Asala Deepeswarar with Madhukaraveni is there.

One new broadgauge railway line is being constructed connecting Salem with Karur and it is expected that this new line will boost the prosperity of Salem, Namakkal and Karur districts.
Namakkal has an average elevation of 218 metres (715 feet). It is close to Kolli Hills - which is part of the Eastern Ghats. The closest river is Kaveri.

The city is approximately 360 km southwest of Chennai, 250 km south of Bangalore.

And 55 km to the East of Erode(Textile Yellow City) & 55 km to the South of Salem (Mango & Magnesite City).

And 150 km east of Coimbatore & 90 km northwest of Tiruchirapalli. Its landscape is such that it would not be affected by floods.

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