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RTI  Hand Book Salt Corporation
Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation Limited herein referred to as TNSC Ltd. was registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Company with the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu on the 22nd July of 1974. It was registered as a Company with the entire share holding being held by the Government of Tamil Nadu and TNSC has been continuing to be a wholly owned Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking.

The TNSC was established with the main objective:

  • To manufacture from sea water or from brine or from bitterns or by undertaking mining operations and trade or otherwise deal in all varieties of salt, salt based chemicals and by-products thereof and marine chemicals of all kinds.
  • To treat, cure, refine, purify, compound, manipulate, submit to any process, manufacture or render marketable whether on account of the Company or otherwise, all varieties of salt, salt based chemicals and by-products thereof, marine and allied chemicals, minerals and produce of all kinds.
  • To manufacture, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise deal in salt, marine and allied chemicals of all kinds, organic or inorganic.

TNSC started its commercial operations during the year 1974-75 and it has successfully completed 32 years of its effective business life. TNSC, which has started making profit from the year 1990-91, has been continuing to be profitable and has been growing steadily over the years.

Main activities of TNSC at present are as follows:
TNSC manufactures Industrial Grade Salt and other Fortified Salts like Iodized Salt and Double Fortified Salt (Iodine and Iron).

Manufacturers of quality Crystal iodized Salt for the benefits of millions of rural population in the entire South India.

Distributes Double Fortified Salt and iodized Salt to the Noon Meal Programme (NMP) for the school going children in the entire of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra pradesh and some northern States.

Distributing quality iodized Salt at affordable price for the welfare of the below poverty line people through retail outlets of the PDS in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, & Puducherry.

Fulfillment of Social Obligation:
In order to eradicate the Iodine deficiency among the rural mass living under below poverty line.
  • TNSC is distributing the Iodised Salt through the PDS at an affordable cost. MRP is fixed at Rs.2.50 per Kg.
  • Iodised salt/Iodised refined free flow salt is being distributed to the PDS in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry covering 42 million populations.
  • To eradicate Iodine and Iron deficiencies among the school going children, TNSC is plays a major role in health programme of the government by supplying the Double Fortified Salt (DFS) to all districts in Tamil Nadu through PT MGR Noon Meal Programme at the rate of 1.9 gm/child/day covering for a total number of one million children beneficiaries under this scheme.
  • The TNSC has taken up implementation of Namak Mazdoor Avas Yojana Scheme (NMAY)-a welfare Oriented housing scheme for the salt workers of Mariyur Valinokkam Salt Complex (MVSC) sanctioned by Salt Department, Government of India at a cost of Rs.1.25 Crores for the construction of 250 houses.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taken by the Corporation to neutralise, minimise or offset the harmful effects caused by its processes and product-usage; and use its resources, core competence, skills, location and funds for the benefit of people and the environment. The Corporation has already supporting salt workers' co-operatives in other areas which could not be monetised. In the years to come, TNSC would like to take up activities such as:
    • Drinking Water facilities (desalination plant).
    • Educational Awards to the best Students.
    • Students adoption Programme.
    • Education Loans.
    • Jetty for fishermen.
    • Health Support.
towards discharging its Corporate Social Responsibility by incurring an expenditure of Rs.5 (Five) lakhs.

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